Top 10 Best Windproof Lighters Reviewed In 2017

You can upgrade to the best windproof lighters today and then escape the embarrassment of ordinary, often unreliable lighters. Since earlier inventions are not great enough for ever increasing needs and quality demands, manufacturers have taken it a notch higher. Consequently, new and improved lighter models provide greater reliability and ease of use. Such are the kinds of windproof lighters.

For in the former days, there were only fuel powered lighter models. Today, however, the introduction of electric lighter is changing the game a whole lot. The latter offers greater safety and convenience. Further interesting, they are flameless but also more reliable to use. In this article we have select top 10 best windproof lighters in 2017. But before you get there, you can have a better understanding about windproof lighters as outlined below. Read on.

Understanding How Windproof Lighters Work

Whether you smoke pipe, cigar, or cigarette, you will agree that a lighter is very essential. Nearly every single smoker has experienced the frustration of lighting up a stick on a windy or stormy day. Sometimes, just a slight breeze can even snuff out your lighter. To address this embarrassment, every savvy smoker is switching to windproof lighter. So how does a windproof lighter work? Is it truly windproof?

A lighter that features windproof properties succeeds due to high pressure it employs. Except for the electric models, the fuel in the lighter is released in extremely high pressure stream. As a result, when mixed with oxygen and spark, a top-pressure torch-like flame is created. Most of all, the flame can be stable in any type of wind, allowing its user to achieve their intention, comfortably.

Windproof lighters come in a vast array of settings, with some even combining jet ports and traditional lighter ports. Such models provide dual flame. They are ideal for guys who smoke various tobacco products and want to conveniently light their stuff in whatever outdoor weather. Moreover, there are other models that feature dual or triple jet ports, and additional other configurations to add to versatility and user convenience.

In addition to smokers, anyone going for wild adventures probably needs to pack a windproof lighter. The weather can be quite unpredictable, and you need ensure you have a reliable source of fire while camping, for instance.

A Guide to Refilling Your Lighter

It is vital for you to understand how to safely refill a lighter, in case yours is not an electrical model. For if you use a butane or Zippo windproof lighter, you will eventually have to refill it. You will however find it easy. It also takes a short time to complete. All you need to do is just put the right fluid type into the lighter when you discover the flame is waning. Yet, remember to be careful, since you are handling a highly combustible substance.

How to Refill Butane Lighter

When you notice weakening flame or no flame at all produced by your butane lighter, maybe more gas is needed. Follow these guidelines to refill it to make it functional again:

  • Choose high quality butane brand to use. Refill cans are available in most market places, including online stores. Bottles with metal tips are preferred to those with plastic ones. Of course, metal tips worker better when inserting the gas into the lighter. Ensure that you have read instructions and cautions clearly for your safety and also best results.
  • Choose a well ventilated place to do the refill from. Again, you are handling a very flammable gas, thus the imperative of a well ventilated and open space. You may want to do it from your patio or garden.
  • Purge the lighter to release the air and the remaining fuel. Then, push the refill lever down using a screwdriver. When you hear no hissing sound anymore, you will then know that the lighter is fully depleted. You do this since butane gas cannot go into your lighter when the latter contains air. Furthermore, you should not mix the fuel with air; it would otherwise be less effective. As a precaution, ensure the lighter is facing away from your face while you purging it to release air and any remaining gas.
  • Set the flame height adjuster, mostly featured on the lighter’s bottom, to its lowest. You do this by turning the screw using a small flat-head screwdriver. Most noteworthy, this is a safety precaution that protects you from a big, dangerous flame in case of accidental ignition.
  • Further, you should shake the refill fluid can. This is especially important if yours is an older can. As such, you ought to give it a quick shake to ensure there still is enough butane remaining.
  • Now securing the refill bottle tip into your lighter’s refill valve, ensure you hold the lighter and the refill bottle straight up and down. Occasionally, the bottle tip may not allow a perfect fit with the valve of the lighter. If so, you should consider using a tip adapter. For that matter, most refill bottles include an adapter. Avoid holding the lighter and refill bottle at an angle while refilling, since air may get into the lighter fuel tank. Consequently, your lighter will not be effective.
  • In vertical position, fill the lighter for 5 or so seconds. When you feel that it is not yet filled, you can repeat for another five, for so you ensure it gets adequate butane. Some lighter models integrate fuel gauge to help you achieve an ideal fill. Do not fill beyond recommendation. Due to overfill, the lighter may overflow, endangering your safety since leaking butane can catch fire.
  • After refilling, you can set the flame height of your desire. Recommended height ranges between 1 and 1.5 inches. After that, allow the lighter about a minute of rest. This also gives you chance to confirm if there is any leakage.
  • After any fumes or spills dissipate, you can now test your lighter. Holding it at a secure distance, ignite the flame. However, if you find the flame I weak, you will have to add more fuel.

How to Refill a Zippo Lighter

For those who use Zippo Lighter models, you will find these tips handy whenever you need to refill your lighter.

  • Always use genuine Zippo Lighter fluid. Other brands of lighter fluids may still work, but for the best flame and longer lifer, Zippo fluid stands out. However, avoid using charcoal lighter fluid, since it is not made for use in small containers such as Zippo’s. It can turn out very dangerous.
  • Remove the chimney cap to pull out the lighter from its metal case. Flip the lighter over and pull the felt pad up. A small screwdriver is appropriate for this task.
  • As you pull back the top felt pad, put the lighter fluid bottles tip into your lighter insert and then squeeze gently. Keep on squirting the fluid until the top part of rayon balls appear damp. While doing all this, ensure the fluid doesn’t spill. Replete to the appropriate level, since spills and leaks can be quite dangerous. Therefore, care and gentleness is required while you refill your Zippo lighter.
  • Push down the top felt pad, and then let the fluid to absorb for almost a minute before you flip up the right side. Using damp paper towel, wipe clean the lighter. In addition, you can wash your hands before you place back the lighter into its casing.
  • To insert the lighter into the case, just slide it back in. to ensure it is fully in its right position, push down on the chimney. Finally, close the lid. This ensures your Zippo is snug properly in place.
  • You can now light the Zippo to ensure the wick is well primed and the flint creates an effective spark. A few times you ignite the Zippo shortly after refilling, the flame may be larger than normal. However, you should not fret for it will resume its great performance soon.

However, you do not need to refill an electric lighter. For such high-tech lighter models, you need to replace the batteries, or recharge if the integrated innovation allows.

The Top Best Windproof Lighters in 2017

Although not impossible, you may find it a bit subtle to tell the rightmost windproof lighter for wonderful performance that you need. This is because of the influx of many models that have filled market shelves, thus confusing newcomers. However, to help you cut through the maze with ease, here down highlighted are the top 10 best windproof lighters today. Therefore read on.

10. MegaDeal Jet Flame Torch Lighter

MegaDeal Jet Flame Torch Lighter

Mega Deal windproof lighter is one of the select high quality performance models in this space. It comes in a generous package of a total 5 jet flame lighters. As such, it is a budget premium-grade home and survival accessory that packs in handy attributes. All the five lighters have large refillable canisters designed to be more durable than most other models. Furthermore, the lighters produce a single flame that defies all weather conditions. Because of their angled ergonomic design, they are quite simple to use anywhere, closed or open. As such, you won’t have to crouch uncomfortably or waste your match stick when lighting the fireplace or camping fire. And finally, since the lighters have solid construction, they are durable to boot, while their adjustable flames allow for customization.


  • Available in 5 units
  • Have cute color assortments
  • Adjustable flame for customization
  • Durable
  • Good for both home and wild use


  • Large fuel tanks may cost more to refill

Although this lighter package can be costlier to refill, you shouldn’t forget it will so last longer. As such, do not be scared by the fuel cost, but be encouraged by how long you will use them without the need of a refill. Besides, the lighters are quite durable and generate quite a stable and windproof flame in all weathers.

9. BOLT Windproof Electric Plasma Arc Lighter

BOLT Windproof Electric Plasma Arc Lighter

In the introduction we mentioned that there are some latest innovation high-tech windproof lighter models that use electricity, and here is one. The BOLT lighter uses the newest Electro-Plasma Arc technology to light cigarette, candle, or anything else without generating a flame. It features a USB rechargeable battery. A mini-USB charging cable is included for that matter. On a full charge, this lighter can function for almost three hours or more. Most noteworthy, this is a very safe to use lighter since it does not produce any flames. As such, it is fire-safe. Moreover, it integrates a built-in safety feature that prevents it from going off as long as its lid is closed. Even when the perform button is accidentally pressed, you do not have to fear of any fire cases.


  • No more costs on butane refills
  • Fire-safe electro-plasma technology
  • Fire-safe
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery
  • 1 year warranty support
  • Includes carrying pouch


  • Not appropriate in places without electricity

This is a great electric windproof lighter you can buy and enjoy undisrupted cigar or fire lighting wherever you go. No matter how threatening the weather, you will set anything on fire. It is safe and efficient. Although dependence on electricity means inappropriate in no-electricity zones, it delivers full 3 hours of use on a full charge.

8. NOVA Electric Plasma Windproof Lighter

NOVA Electric Plasma Windproof Lighter

NOVA Electric Plasma Arc is another electric lighter model that ranks among the top best windproof lighters today. It has an enhanced design that provides twice the heat power of most other single arc lighters. As such, it stands out as a high value electric accessory in providing superior windproof lighting performance. It comes in gunmetal grey, with its elegant outer look impressing many customers. It features a high-speed USB port that facilitates fast battery recharging. Its built-in battery is durable, while a featured light indicator shows users when the power gets low. However, you should ensure you buy an original one from credible stores like the Amazon to avoid counterfeits. You thus will be guaranteed of owning a reliable windproof lighter at a decent price. In addition, you get 2-month manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Produces double the heat of others
  • Fire-safe electro-plasma technology
  • Durable rechargeable battery
  • High speed USB charging port
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Dependence on electric power only

You should know what you buy. This is because you might end up regretting for your own disregard for detail. When you choose to buy the NOVA Electric Plasma Arc lighter, you ought to ensure that first of all you are living in areas with electricity. However, except for that it uses electric-charged battery only, every other aspect of this lighter is awesome. It is therefore a great windproof lighter to both behold and use.

7. Zippo 1941 Replica Lighters

Zippo 1941 Replica Lighters

You cannot deny Zippo 1941 Replica 8482 its merited place among the top best windproof lighters available today. To begin with, its high polish sterling silver delivers a statement of coveted elegance. This lighter’s case features flat planes with sharper yet less rounded edges where its back and front faces meet the sides. A 4-barrel hinge joins the lighter’s lid and bottom. Moreover, it features flat sides of its inside and, in addition, square edges. Its performance is what you would call nothing less than excellent. However, you should always fill it with Zippo premium-grade lighter fluid in order to enjoy optimal performance.


  • Features elegant vintage design
  • Has a durable solid brass case
  • Lights on a single strike
  • Ideal as a gift due to included elegant black velour box


  • Calls for fuel refills often

Except for that this windproof lighter requires fuel refills oftener than other models, it is a great choice to consider. Everything concerning a great performance windproof lighter is quintessentially Zippo 1941 Replica. As such, it serves you very well, as long as you keep it well fueled.

6. Tesla Coil Lighters™ H&PC-61351

Tesla Coil Lighters

Another electric lighter in our best windproof lighters, the Tesla Coil H&PC-61351 is an incredible top performer. It comes with a functional quality USB charger for its premium battery. When you buy this product, you get a flame-free, butane-free, and also hassle-free windproof lighter of your desire. You will no longer cry over depleted lighter fluid or flimsy flame that may inconvenience your operations. Tesla Coil is admirably portable due to its small design that fits into your pocket easily. Moreover, you will find it quite light at about 4 ounces. It includes one Li-ion battery plus charger. However, it is a budget-friendly product yet one that lights your satisfaction to a new level.


  • No repeat charging since its battery is long lasting
  • Easy to charge for it uses ordinary phone charger
  • Offers 2 weeks of use on single charge
  • It is a great cigar lighter
  • Safe flame-free, butane-free performance
  • Highly portable


  • May get damaged when it falls
  • Not fit for use with pipes

If all you have to is protect this lighter from hard falls and then you will enjoy risk-free, butane-free cigar lighting and stuff, then buy one. You won’t be reminded to recharge this Tesla Coil, for instance, since a single charge completes two weeks. Isn’t that awesome? Moreover, you will effortlessly carry it around. This product is all the convenience you need in a windproof lighter.

5. Zippo Brass Lighters

Zippo Brass Lighters

Zippo line of windproof lighters introduced the Zippo Brass lighters in 1982 to commemorate their 50th anniversary. Since then, this product continues to rank not only among the most popular Zippo lighters, but also all lighters. It comes in a wide range of styles for you to choose your best. A lightweight but durable coating surrounds this lighter, therefore preventing it against tarnish. Moreover, it provides excellent lighter flame that resists any wind condition. As such, you have the guarantee of enjoying ease lighting cigars and other stuff from anywhere with this lighter.


  • Great look design good for women gift
  • Affordable
  • Scratch and fingerprint resistant material
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great windproof performance


  • Expensive lighter fluid

When you find a product accompanied by lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, you know it is a top-quality. Such is the case with the Zippo Brass Lighter. It is a great performance windproof lighter that will seldom fail. The lighter fluid might be costly, but its performance is never cheap.

4. GStar TorchZilla Butane Lighter

GStar TorchZilla Butane Lighter

Another butane-lighter that delivers top-notch windproof performance, the GStar TorchZilla series is widely popular and appreciated. It comes in a colorful set of great jet flame butane torch lighters. Each of the lighters produce remarkably wind-resistant jet flames appreciable to many. The lighters are stylish due to their plethora of color styles. They feature US CPSC child safety compliant 4.5-inch tall design. Also, their translucent bodies allow you to track the fuel level and know when to refill. Most of all, yet being a high quality product, it is an affordable choice, while its design delivers for years.


  • Affordable
  • US CPSC child safety compliant
  • Stylish random color styles
  • Easy fuel level tracking
  • Durable and maintenance-free


  • Costly to refill full set

The certain verdict is that you will never regret having bought an orginal GStar TorchZilla set. This is because of the convenient and also reliable performance these windproof lighters deliver. Its durability, user safety, and affordability make it one of the most popular models of the best windproof lighters in 2017.

3. Zippo Matte Lighters

Zippo Matte Lighters

The Zippo Matte comes at number three among the best windproof lighters. While not too different from the other wind resistant lighters of the Zippo line, it is a lot more convenient. It brings a lifetime service assurance by its USA manufacturer. Also, it utilizes a top-grade high efficiency lighter fluid. Additionally, it is pure black in color, but also very elegant in style. Besides its attractive price tag, it is also very portable.


  • Elegant black color design and style
  • Easy to use and refill
  • Quite reliable anytime, anywhere
  • Affordable to buy
  • Lifetime service guarantee


  • Uses expensive premium-grade fluid

Despite the fact that its lighter fluid is expensive, everything else about the Zippo Matte is excellent. The flame is reliably effective in all weathers, while its design allows for hassle-free portability. It is affordable yet includes lifetime service guarantee. You can hardly find a better deal.

2. Tesla Coil H&PC-64671

Tesla Coil H&PC-64671

Also from Tesla Coil Lighters™, the H&PC-64671 model of windproof lighter always impresses its users. First of all, it comes with a reliable USB-rechargeable battery. When completely charged, it can work for one week, providing 100 to 300 great clicks. You will find it quite safe and also simple to use. What’s more, it is one of those latest innovation electric lighters that integrate the impressive Plasma Arc Beam technology. It is a lightweight, so you easily carry it around.


  • Comes with handy storage bag
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Battery serves for a week
  • Small and pocket-fitting
  • Warns against overcharging to preserve battery life


  • Not good for lighting pipes, small-size cigars

Although the price is relatively higher, it is due to the Li-ion battery that, however, lasts long. As such, do not worry about price, but rejoice for superior performance. Moreover, Tesla Coil H&PC-64671 allows great portability, besides being one of the safest to use.

1. Zippo Chrome Lighters

Zippo Chrome Lighters

Finally, here comes the leader of the best windproof lighters. You have to give Zippo Chrome Lighter is due since it is actually unbeatable. Its classic brushed premium chrome finish offers an impressive new look. Everyone has to love the creative arc pattern this windproof lighter features. This provides simple yet textured feel and look. In addition to great elegance and incredible performance, it includes a beautiful gift box. Consequently, it makes one of the best gift ideas for your beloved. To enjoy optimal efficiency, fill the lighter with Zippo premium-grade lighter fluid.


  • Affordable yet superior in performance
  • Body finish shows no scratches
  • Quite portable due to light weight
  • Includes impressive gift box
  • Durable


  • Lid is sometimes clumsy

In the category of windproof lighters, nothing can remove Zippo Chrome from its top position. At least, anyone is yet to know of a better product. It doesn’t hurt your pocket, yet it delivers top-most performance. As well as elegant, it is portable and durable. It is simply the best.


Nothing can be of greater imperative than a windproof lighter especially during bad weather or when exploring the wild. For instance, campers will definitely need one if they have to light campfire without embarrassment. However, not every windproof lighter model is great. While some are greater than others, you will hardly find any other like the above highlighted best windproof lighters. Therefore, when you want a new one, you can trust the model you like best among them.

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