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Simeon is a passionate entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor’s of Technology Degree in Food Engineering and pursued entrepreneurship after completion of his Degree. His most favourite project is BestViva – an online review site that gives authentic unbiased product reviews. Through his expertise and stuffs he has learned through the years , he aims at providing highly engaging and trustworthy product reviews to his audience. You guys are my motivation 🙂

1. Who We Are ???

Me and my friends wanted to start this online venture dedicated to guiding you to the best deals on offer on the web. We believe that the future of commerce lies on the web and while this is a good thing, it is a platform which is fraught with risk. By testing, reviewing and rating the products on offer on the internet, we can select the ones which meet quality guidelines, perform to expectations and which are sold at a price which matches or is lower than the value the product will add to the purchaser’s life. Our reviews are not only detailed but also objective and filled with useful tips.

2. Our Product Reviews

All the products featured on this website come from the top brands and are sold by reputable online stores including Amazon and eBay. But as these sites invariably carry a lot of products in differing categories, choosing one which meets your needs is neither easy nor straightforward. A simple search on Amazon for instance will return hundreds of products fitting your description. We take the guesswork out of this by testing dozens of these products, selecting the ones which pass our rigorous criteria and giving you the lowdown on why they are good choices. We consider the features, specifications and the pricing of each product before profiling it on our site.

3. How We Do It

So, how do we choose the products to feature on the website and which ones to leave out? It is not an easy process this one. But in general we consider that customers are concerned about three major factors when purchasing a product online:

  • Superior features and design
  • Versatility in actual use (ability to meet different needs without going to extra cost)
  • Value for money (not synonymous with cheap)

We select products which have strong credentials in either of these three categories and opt for the ten best performers with all categories considered. To make sure that our reviews offer the best representation of products in that category, we ensure there is a right mix of products meeting all these categories. As a consequence, you will find that one featured product may be selling at pretty low price but without as robust a selection of features as the subsequent product which in turn costs considerably more.