Top 10 Best Apple Watch Stands and Charging Docks Reviewed in 2017

Owning an Apple watch creates a sense of style while enabling you to experience a smooth interaction with your Apple phone. These watches are designed with various useful features that are essential for day to day running. Due to these smart functions, these watches tend to require regular charging if you want to keep on enjoying their services. Now, when you aren’t using the watch, it’s the best time especially at night or when relaxing. This call for a reliable charging dock while a stand will ensure your watch is securely anchored.

When you are buying apple stands and charging dock, you need to keep in mind that you need one which will keep you satisfied. Here are some of the most basic qualities you should look.


Some of the stands and docks are designed to only house watches. On the other hand, others are designed for charging a range of other devices like iPods, iPhones, and iPods. These are ideal as they can simultaneously charge your watch and phone.

Construction Material

Construction material is important when selecting a stand or charging dock. This is because they significantly determine the durability and how aesthetic your stand is. Most standard stands feature aluminum, plastic, and wood construction among others.


Style too is a factor to consider when you are buying a dock or stand. Some of these gadgets are fixed meaning you can’t twist them when you are docking your watch. Others are sufficiently flexible and ensure you can place your device at various angles. Also, style determines the ease of assembling your watch stand.

10. LXORY Apple Watch Stand With iPhone Dock, Wireless IQ charging, Compact

LXORY Apple Watch Stand With iPhone Dock, Wireless IQ charging, Compact

After a busy day, as you rest in you retires to your bed you can charge your devices without stuffing your nightshade. LXORY Apple Watch Stand With iPhone Dock ensures your nightshade is free from tangling wires. It also provides a safe and reliable charging as it comes with a nightshade mode hence you can enjoy a quiet night. The stand is smartly constructed to impact a sleek look to the surrounding and complement your phone and watch. The tilting stand with a metallic construction ensures your phone and watch are easy to view due to the stand angulation.

This charging dock gives you an easy time when you are traveling. It ensures your devices are fully charged without a hassle. The dock is foldable to fit in your bag as you travel. On the other hand, it has a compact design hence won’t occupy large spaces on yours bench or bag. Further, setting this dock into a charging station is simple and takes only a few seconds. This installed XStand is designed to be upgradable to a wireless phone charging platform. Therefore, you will enjoy charging your devices without the needs of carrying cables. You will just need the apple lighting cable, and the dock is ready to charge your phone.


  • The stand is sleek and perfect decor complement
  • Foldable hence ideal for traveling
  • Smooth assembling
  • Safe to use: has rounded edges


  • It is light hence tends to bump


Buying this LXORY Apple Watch Stand With iPhone Dock gives you a flexibility of use. You can use it anywhere you go while enjoying its attractive design.

9. Press Play ONE Dock CERTIFIED Power Station Dock, Aluminum, Fast Charging

Press Play ONE Dock CERTIFIED Power Station Dock, Aluminum, Fast Charging

Don’t risk your devices by charging with unreliable and cheaply manufactured chargers. You can now use this Apple Certified charge power dock to charge a range of your Apple devices. It’s designed for charging Apple watches, iWatch, iPhones, and iPads. The dock is very reliable and delivers fast charging ensuring your devices do not experience fast charge draining. Further, the power station is versatile. It can charge your Apple phone watch and other two devices simultaneously without compromising its charging efficiency. The dock achieves this through the inbuilt rapid charge lightning connector, which charges your devices 2 times faster than regular USB.

Enjoy a lifetime warranty by acquiring this power station dock. It is manufactured from premium aluminum to ensure it is sturdy and durable. Further, the aluminum offers a beautiful trim, which complements your smartphone and watches. At the bottom of the dock, it has an ample compartment, which enables cable management. Therefore, you won’t experience scattered cables nightmare. When charging your devices, there is no need to remove your case since the dock offers a tiltable mounting stand. Apart from charging, the dock is enhanced with a night mode feature. This is ideal as it only requires you to mount your watch in a horizontal position. It is UL certified and comes backed by 1-year warranty.


  • It can charge up to 4 devices at
  • Durably constructed featuring aluminum body
  • Easy to install and use


  • It is unstable with some devices


This one dock power station is great for charging your watch, phones without any hassle. It is sturdy, lightweight and elegantly constructed to deliver maximum satisfaction. It is an ideal dock to give your devices a lightning charging.

8. ZVE Universal Desktop Cell Phone Stand, iWatch charging stand, Smartphone Charging Dock

ZVE Universal Desktop Cell Phone Stand, iWatch charging stand, Smartphone Charging Dock

If you have an Apple watch, you know how useful it is when you incorporate with your smartphone. It gives the ability to enjoy more features on your hand without removing your phone from the pocket. Now, it’s your time to give it a gentle treatment to ensure it serves you without hitches. By getting this stand and power docking for smartphones and iWatch from ZVE, you will never experience inconveniences due to uncharged battery. The stand is stylishly constructed to impact a beautiful appearance complementing your devices. On the other hand, it is constructed from highest quality aluminum, which gives it a lightweight and durability.

The stand features a charging dock, which enables charging of a smartphone and your iWatch together. The phone anchoring surface has rubber pads which prevent sliding or scratched to your charging devices. This allows charging possible in either vertical or horizontal position without a worry of falling. As you use this dock, it is very convenient and well organized. It has two holes at the back, which ensures smooth power cables passage. Besides charging, this equipment is a perfect desktop stand. It enables you to watch your movies from your smartphone when placing on top of a bench. It is also a great nightstand for setting your watch and phone. Apart from beings ideal for Apple devices, it’s also compatible with other gadgets from other companies.


  • Compatible with devices forms various brands
  • It’s padded to protect your watch and phone
  • Has excellent cord management mechanism
  • Lightweight and durable construction


  • Available in one trim only


ZVE Universal Desktop Cell Phone Stand and charging dock is perfect selection. Besides charging your Apple devices, it is versatile and can support other gadgets. Get yours today and charge in as style

7. Oittm Apple Watch Charging Stand 4-Port USB Charging Station, Mart Charging Technology, Cable Storage

Oittm Apple Watch Charging Stand 4-Port USB Charging Station, Mart Charging Technology, Cable Storage

If you want to charge your iWatch or iPhone, you need to be equipped with Oittm Apple Watch Charging Stand. It’s a highly engineered charging dock to deliver the best charging experience. The 3in1 charger features 3 external USB port for charging 3 smartphones and the other one inside port for your iWatch. You can charge any Apple smartphone by just connecting it to the equipment. It is compatible with any device with USB 2.0 and 3.0. On the other hand, the dock gives you flexibility as you can change the charging bracket to fit your charging demand.

Using this stand gives you a peace of mind, it doesn’t stuff your bench with cables. It features large spaces inside to keep you iWatch, charging cables and adapters. This allows your desk neat and no kinking of cords when you are charging. Unlike other charging docks, this one delivers fastest charging to your connected devices through the incorporated Smart IQ Charging Technology. It provides 6 amp in each port and can automatically detect the connected device to deliver correct charging voltage. There is no struggling when you want to charge your watch or phone at night, this stand offers a nightshade mode and will comfortably allow you to utilize yours watch as well as enjoying decorated silent night. The overall construction of this device is compact and lightweight hence a perfect pick for traveling.


  • It is easy to install
  • Comes with replicable charging brackets
  • Enhanced with speeds charging technology


  • Fast charging ports aren’t compatible with iWatch


If you want a compact and smartly designed stand and charging docks look for this one from Oittm. It’s affordable and excellently performing.

6. ZIKU Apple Aluminum Charging Stand Dock Station Watch and iPhone

 ZIKU Apple Aluminum Charging Stand Dock Station Watch and iPhone

If you possess an apple watch, you don’t have to worry about charging it. You need just to get this ZIKU Aluminum Charging Stand Dock Station and charge your Apple smartphone, or any series of Apple watch with confidence. It is stylish and durable stands designed to guarantee efficient charging. The dock features a hollow combined with TUP support for efficiently supporting your phone. This makes magnetic charging smooth as well as enhancing easy cable management. This stand is ideal since it allows for vertical phone placement thereby easing video calling. Further, it can hold devices with varying thickness.

The dock is versatile and can be turned into a charging station for your nightshade or desktop. This is possible when you fit your dock with the Apple lightning cable. You can use almost any phone case during the charging since the dock has adjustable wire clip. It doesn’t matter the thickness of your phone as it can comfortably fit on this dock. As you connect your devices for charging, you can be sure of their safety as the dock is intact and won’t fall. It is fitted with anti-slipping rubbers feet for a firm gripping.


  • It features a solid construction: heavy-duty aluminum
  • Compact and doesn’t occupy much space
  • Perfect cable storage compartment
  • Can supports phones with different thickness


  • The stand feels weak when you are adjusting


If you want a stylish stand and a charging dock that will not disappoint, you better chose this one. It is sturdy, stylish and durable. Furthermore, it can charge your device regardless of its thickness while entirely securing it.

5. Elago Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 W2 Stand, Nightshade Mode, Scratch Free

Elago Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 W2 Stand, Nightshade Mode, Scratch Free

Charging your Apple watches should never cause a headache. This is only possible if you have Elago Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 W2 Stand. It’s ideal equipment that is meant to let you enjoy a smooth charging with confidence. You don’t have to worry as it is compatible with all Apple watches series 1 and 2 manufactured in 2015 and 2016 respectively. It’s a perfect choice, especially at night. The stand enables charging on a nightshades mode while allowing access to essential functions like messaging, alarm and calls. Therefore you can trust the stand to take cares of you watch until morning without causing any damage.

The stylishly constructed stand is gentle on your watch. It is laminated with a silicone covering to prevent your watch from scratches. Further, the silicone layer ensures the firm gripping as well as being non-slipping. The covering is extended to the bottom where it renders the stand firm when resting on the bench. At the front and back of this stand, it is equipped with dual cutouts, which facilitate cable management preventing kinking and ensuring a clean desk.


  • Safe and guards yours watch against scratches
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Strung featuring aluminum and silicon construction


  • It has no charging stand


Elago Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 W2 Stand is a must have charging stand. If you care about your Apple watches, it’s a perfect companion for safe and reliable charging.

4. iVAPO Apple Watch Series 2 Stand, iPhone Plus Dock, Aluminum, Anti-Slipping

iVAPO Apple Watch Series 2 Stand, iPhone Plus Dock, Aluminum, Anti-Slipping

Make your desk look sleeker and neat by s arming yourself with this iVAPO Apple Watch Series 2 Stand. It’s superior quality equipment, which enables you to achieve your charging without compromising the battery life. Unlike other chargers, which are watching specific, this one is capable charging all Apple watches such as Apple watch series 1 and 2. As you charge your device, the stand possesses a circular cut outs supports, which enable you to have a clear view of your phone you charge. Further, the placement ensures that it’s possible for mounting magnetic head placement and also cord management. The iPhone charging stand is well positioned hence it makes it possible for facetime viewing.

The stability and strength of this dock are unmatchable due to its sturdy construction. It is manufactured from high tensile aluminum with beautiful s trims to complement your bench decors as well as your devices. It features a big hole, which is capable of fitting lightning cables thereby compatible with various cases. Its base is adjustable thus you can charge your phone in a tilted vertical position. There is no risking with your phone when you place it on your bench; the stands are enhanced with an anti-slip bottom to enable a firm gripping.


  • It has an attractive finish
  • Perfectly fit different phone sizes
  • Assembling the stand is a breeze


  • Tiny screws may be a bother when tightening


iVAPO Apple Watch Series 2 Stand is a durable and sturdily constructed to give ample support to your phone. It’s a stand and charging dock you can entrust with your devices.

3. Spigen S330 Apple Watch Stand, Scratch Free, Rubberized Feet

Spigen S330 Apple Watch Stand, Scratch Free, Rubberized Feet

Mounting your Apple watch is now east and convenient. Whether you want to give it a secure placement; or, charging you can now entrust this Spigen S330 Apple Watch Stand. It is angled to provide a comfortable viewing even when you are sleeping you can still access your watch while still on the stand. On the other hand, the stand is designed with large cut-outs which allow compatibility with either of the two iWatch chargers. Further, the holes enable you to have the total control of the cables hence ensuring your desk is neat.

You can always depend on this stand to give your watch a complete support without compromising its safety. Its body is constructed from a tough aluminum. Besides, offering adequate support, it gives the stand an attractive look that perfectly matches your watch. The watch docking surface is non-slipping with a TPU which is useful in protecting the watch from developing scratches as well as preventing bumping.


  • It has perfect wiring design
  • Fitted with anti-scratch material lining
  • Has an impressive finish


  • It is unsuitable for charging Apple phones


Are you searching for the right iWatch stand? You should give this Spigen S330 Apple Watch Stand a firsthand. We can guarantee it’s a stable and sleek Apple watch stand that will revolutionize your desk.

2. Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand, Nightshade Mode

Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand, Nightshade Mode

Do you want to give your iWatch a unique charging and stationing dock? There is no more hassle, only grab this Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand and you will always be amazed by its performance. It’s a compactly and sturdily designed to deliver the best results and satisfaction. On the other hand, the stand is lightweight as it features strong TUP construction to guarantee a secure phone anchorage. It has an open dock, which makes it smooth for the usability with the iWatch and its accessories.

After a whole day working, you can now charge your watch at night without being disturbed. It is compatible with nightshade mode through the watch OS2. Further, it is easy to use this stand since you can place your watch either with straps open or closed. The stand features non-slip material to ensure it firmly holds on your bench thus preventing it from falling. It is ideal for use by Apple watches series 1 and 2.


  • The stand is rubberized to prevent slipping
  • It has a perfect charging dock to hold charger hence preventing disconnection firmly
  • Excellent for Nightshade: it doesn’t move around


  • It doesn’t come with inbuilt charger


Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand is an ultimate pick when you want to maintain your watch in a smooth state without scratches. It’s a finely designed dock that will ensure your watch is securely anchorage and compatible with lighting cable.

1. Aerb Apple Watch Stand Bamboo Wood Charging Stand Bracket Docking Station

 Aerb Apple Watch Stand Bamboo Wood Charging Stand Bracket Docking Station

Get a unique iWatch stand that will impact a brilliant look on your table or working bench. The Aerb Apple Watch Stand Bamboo Wood Charging Stand is outstanding. Unlike other stands on the market, this one is designed from bamboo hence giving it an aesthetic appearance. It is ideal for supporting your Apple phones as well as iWatches hence you don’t have to buy a separate stand for each device. This integration of gadgets ensures your desk remains clean and neat. This is facilitated by perfectly cut outs on the stand to fit a watch, phone, and wires.

The wood finish in this docking stand is a perfect consideration if you like a natural appearance. It’s stabilized to make it last long without being affected by the weather. Therefore, it can retain its sleek appearances whether you stores it in your office or home. It is also stable to ensure it doesn’t compromise your phones and watches through slipping and bumping.


  • Beautiful wooden finish to impact a natural appearance
  • Durably constructed to last long
  • It is compatible with a variety of Apple devices.
  • The Aerb Apple Watch Stand Bamboo Wood Charging Stand is all you need to make your desk look amazing. It’s a great stand to charge your phone and iWatch as well as decorating your bench


Some customers feel it would nice if it had a weighty base.


There are enough reasons why this charging standing stand is our top pick in this list. This is partially explained by the numerous positive reviews that this unit enjoys. The bamboo make and the versatility of supporting different apple devices is also a plus.


Charging your Apple watch is a routine process, which requires you to have a reliable charging dock. Finding the ideal dock will ensure your watch is safe. Additionally, it allows compatibility with others devices, likes smartphones. If you are aspiring for a perfect stand or a charging dock for your Apple watch, now you can get a perfect one without a hassle. Get one today and give your iWatch an ultimate charging and storage care.

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